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Susy TC

SusyTC is a major extension to the Mathematica package REAP. It extends the functionality of REAP, which is designed to run the SM and neutrino parameters in seesaw scenarios with a proper treatment of the right-handed neutrino thresholds, by a full inclusion of the (complex) MSSM SUSY sector and a careful calculation of the one-loop SUSY threshold corrections for the full down-type quark, up-type quark and charged lepton Yukawa coupling matrices. Among other useful features, SusyTC calculates the one-loop corrected pole mass of the charged (or the CP-odd) Higgs boson as well as output in SLHA conventions, i.e. the necessary input for external software, e.g. for performing a two-loop Higgs mass calculation. Example code to connect SusyTC with the programs FeynHiggs, MicrOMEGAs and SUSY_FLAVOR is provided here (Interface_FeynHiggs.tar.gz, Interface_MicrOMEGAs.tar.gz, Interface_SUSY_FLAVOR.tar.gz).


Installation and Download

You need an up-to-date (1.11.2 or higher) working installation of REAP.

SusyTC consists out of the REAP model file RGEMSSMsoftbroken.m and the file SusyTC.m. Both files have to be copied into your REAP directory. The current version is 1.2. The older versions can still be downloaded here (SusyTC 1.0SusyTC 1.1).


A documentation of SusyTC is contained in our paper arXiv:1512.06727.


SusyTC is maintained by Stefan Antusch and Constantin Sluka.

If you use SusyTC in a scientific publication or talk, please give proper academic credit to us by citing our paper: arXiv:1512.06727.