Evolution of inflaton field during preheating after hilltop inflation

These movies show the time evolution of the inflaton field after hilltop inflation from our 2D lattice simulations. They correspond to figs. 6 and 7 in our paper "Hill crossing during preheating after hilltop inflation" [arXiv:1503.06075].

As in the paper, red regions have , yellow and light blue regions have , and dark blue regions have .

(animation of fig. 6 in our paper)
(animation of fig. 7 in our paper)
snapshot from the animation for v = 10^{-5} m_Pl snapshot from the animation for v = 10^{-2} m_Pl

You can also download an animation of a lower-resolution 3D lattice simulation for (animation of fig. 10 in our paper). Yellow contours are , blue contours are :

snapshot from the 3D animation for v = 10^{-2} m_Pl

The movies are also available for download as a compressed zip folder.